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APM Technologies Dongguan Co Ltd is a high tech enterprise specialized in the research development R D production and distribution of marine smart system MSS PV solar inverter programmable power supply automated testing system and automated manufacturing equipment Our company has complete systems in product planning research development laboratory experiment testing and quality control In addition we have passed the ISO 9001 standard certifications APM Technologies R D team consists of more than 100 personnel encompassing Ph D and master degree holders as well as senior experts in the related industries By collaborating with a number of domestic and international research teams and...

Categories and Products

DC Power Supply

20V DC Power Supply

0-20V Programmable switching AC DC power supply 0-20V Programmable DC Power Supply APM cctv 12V 20V dc power supply APM bench power supply 10a 12V dc 20 volt switching power supply 1000W 600W 1200W 

32V DC Power Supply

600W~1200W bench programmable dc switching power supply High current 30V dc power supply 3000W 600W~1200W bench Programmable Switching Power Supply 0-32v programmable laboratory power supply Adjustable bench power supply 30V 5a Best bench top powr supply 30V for sale High current 200A bench power supply 1000W 12V 24V adjustable power supply 600W Variable 12 volt dc power supply 32V 200A Wide operating current range power supply low voltage adjustable power supply 600W 24v 1000 watt power supply max32V 1200W High current 200 amp 32 vdc power supply 

40V DC Power Supply

APM low voltage power supply 1kW-4kW programmable digital lab dc power supply High current 40v laboratory DC power supply Programmable DC power supply with high accuracy voltage 1U best adjustable bench power supply unit Best variable dc power supply 40V Buy APM bench power supply 15V 40V 40A Best bench top power supply 1U 40V 600W 600 watt dc power supply 24V 30V 40V Programmable 40 vdc power supply max 4000watt 

60V DC Power Supply

CVCC 60v lab programmable dc power supply APM Programmable DC power supply high stabilized 60V constant current voltage power supply Variable voltage dc power supply low cost 60V 60v dc bench power supply 25amp 1500W 

75V DC Power Supply

DC programmable lab multi voltage power supply Desktop variable DC bench power supply APM Programmable DC power supply high efficiency APM Programmable DC power supply high precision Low voltage 75v DC Power Supply 1500w 75V programmable laboratory power supply 1520 watts Programmable dc power supply for sale 48V Digital adjustable bench dc power supply 75V 2U DC power supply equipment for test 75V 1U 75V digital variable bench dc power supply 19 inch rack mount constant power supply ac/dc switching power supply 1000W-4000W 

80V DC Power Supply

High voltage programmable dc switch mode power source 0-80V programmable high efficiency DC power supplies Low noise lab bench power supply 80v 4000w Small compact programammable dc power supply 80V small size 80V programammable dc power supply 80 volt dc power supply 60A 2000W 3000W 

120V DC Power Supply

110V Programmable Single-Output DC Power Supply 120V Programmable Single Output DC Power Source 120V power supplu unit for sale adjustable voltage High precision variable dc power supply 120V 120V high accuracy adjustable dc power supply 110vdc power supply 40A 1000W-4000W 

150V DC Power Supply

600W-1.5kW 0-150V adjustable dc power supply Variable switching power supply 150V 1kW-4kW 600W-1.5KW Precision Measurement DC Power Supplies DC Programmable Switching Supplies 150V 1KW-4KW Variable low voltage power supply unit 150v Adjsutable votlage dc power supply 150v 600w 4000w APM power supply products 150V 30a 2U Shop for 1u programmable power supply 150V 150V APM power supply products with 2U rack 150V 120v dc output power supply 10A Best portable power supply 2000W 1kW/3kW/4kW 

200V DC Power Supply

Single output dc power source supply 200V 1U Adjustable dc output power supply 200V 1kW-4kW Single output Adjustable DC Power Supply Programmable CVCC DC Power Supplies 200V 1KW-4KW 200V variable dc power supply with low noise Cheap programmable bench power supply 200v Power supply requirements for 200Vdc 24A 1u programmable dc power supply with demo labview 200V DC Power supply 200v bench power supply APM brand Best dc power supply 2018 APM brand 200vdc 

600V DC Power Supply

Laboratory 400v 10 amp dc power supply Variable Single output programmble DC power supply 400v 600v dc programmable power supply 10a 4000w 400vdc power supply for lab 10a top 600V 600vdc High voltage dc power supply max 4000watt 

800V DC Power Supply

800V High voltage dc power supply 1kW-4kW High volt Programmable DC Power Supply 800V 1KW-4KW High voltage switching power supply 800v 800V programmable high voltage dc power supply Digital multiple voltage power supply 800V High voltage power supply 800vdc max 4kW 

AC Power Supply

600W AC Power Supply

Single phase 600VA 5.6A portable ac power source Single phase 600VA 5.6A ac power source Low power ac and dc powe supply 600VA Low power ac source 600VA for test AC power source 600VA meet the usage 300v Low power 600W ac power supply 

1000W AC Power Supply

1kVA single phase programmable ac power supply apm single phase programmable ac power supply 1000W High frequency ac power supply 1kVA top 12kHz Programmable ac voltage source with rich functions 1000VA High frequency ac power supply 1000W 

1500W AC Power Supply

150V/300V ac dc power source 1500VA 13.8A 150V/300V witch-mode AC Power sources 1500VA 13.8A 300v Low Power Electronics Lab Power Supply 1500w Portable ac power supply 1500VA 150vac 300vac The power source 1500VA ac to ac 300V APM 1500W AC source 

2000W AC Power Supply

2000VA adjustable ac dc power supply APM adjustable Programmable AC Source 2000W 300VAC AC power supply variable frequnecy 400hz 1.2khz 2000VA variable ac voltage power supply 150V 300V 2000W adjustable AC power supply 

3000W AC Power Supply

3kVA programmable high CF 6 ac power source 3kVA programmable high CF 6 AC Power sources 3000VA single phase ac source output dc ac High voltage ac power supply low power 3kVA 3000W dual voltage range ac power supply 

4000W AC Power Supply

APM programmable 4000 Watt ac output power supply APM programmable 4000 Watt Programmable AC+DC Power Sources 4000VA precision ac source variable ac power supply Single phase ac power supply 4kVA best price 4KW single phase ac power source 4000W Single phase ac source in best price 

5000W AC Power Supply

5kva adjustable ac dc power supply high CF 5kva high performance programmable AC power supply Programmable AC Power Source with LIST/PULSE/STEP mode Programmable 400 hz ac power supply favorable price 5kVA high current ac power supply ac output 5000W high current ac power source multiple output 

DC Source System

40V DC Source System

Programamble switch mode dc power supply system Programmable 6 volt dc 12v 15amp power supply Programmable smps 12volt 16v variable voltage power supply Programmable smps 12volt 16v smps power supply Programamble DC power supply system 9 volt Programmable 6 volt DC power supply system High power supply dc for lab test 40kW 12V 100V adjustable dc power supply high power 9v 12v lab dc power supply system 12kW 15v dc power supply choose variable voltage current Variable volt dc power supply system max 240V Programmable power supply for Industrial variable volt 40000W DC Programmable power supply cabinet 20000W variable volt dc power supply system 40V DC programmable power supply system 

75V DC Source System

Programmable dc 12v 24v variable power supply system 48vdc power supply ac dc electronics power supply Digital 15 volt dc power supply 40kW 600A Programmable DC 12v 24v DC voltage source 48vDC programmable DC power source system Digital DC source system 40kW 600A cctv power supply variable voltage 12v Programmable DC power supply adjustable voltage current Best hobbyist benchtop power supply switch mode 12kW Programmable power supply project high power 40kW Programmable power supply unit up to 450V DC power supply project with single unit 10000W DC power supply cabinet 24000W Programmable power supply cabinet 40000W Programmable power supply project 

120V DC Source System

Variable voltage 15vdc 24vdc power supply 12kw 28vdc 110v high current power supply design 360A Adjustable industrial 48 volt power supply 40kw DC power supply low ripple noise 24vDC 12kw 110v high current power supply system 360A 48 volt adjustable power supply 40kw 120V 40kW programmable power supply system for sale Variable lab bench power supply good reviews 120V 10kW programmable rack mount power supply 120V Design programmable power supply variable voltage current Programmable low voltage power dc power supply system Variable voltage ouput dc power supply system 12kW 12000W Variable voltage ouput dc power supply system low voltage Programmablepower dc power supply system Design adjustable programmable power supply 

150V DC Source System

18v 24 36v power supply system 12kW 50v 60v dc switching power supply design 32v variable voltage dc power supply 40kw 150v 36v DC power supply system 12kW Switching Power Supply Cabinet 150v 32v Variable Voltage DC Power Supply 40kw Programmable dc power supply project 40kW rack system 15kw 24kW programmable power supply variable voltage Variable output dc power supply best bench psu Best power supply solutions high voltage power 40kW programming power supply dc votlage 900V 24kW High power dc source system 450V 12000W High power dc source system 450V 12kW 24kW DC programming power supply cabinet 40kW programmable power system 150 voltage 

200V DC Source System

Switch mode 100v 300v dc power supply High power 200v dc adjustable voltage power supply Switch mode power supply design up to 40kW Switch Mode DC Power Supply 12KW 300V Adjustable Voltage Hight Power Supply 200v 200v Switch mode Power Supply Design 40kw Digitally controlled power supply 200v 40kW AC to dc adjustable power supply cctv design Low cost power supply for sale 200V 12kW Low ripple dc power supply high power 40kW Remote control programmable dc power supply system Programmable power supply rs232 rs485 USB LAN 600V Programmable power supply with multi interface Remote control programmable dc power cabinet 40000W low ripple dc power cabinet 

600V DC Source System

600V high voltage power supply apm tech design 400v dc 1000v power supply up to 24kw 600v multi voltage programmable dc power supply apm High Voltage Lab DC Power Supply System 400v DC Laboratory DC Power Supply 24kw 600v multi voltage power supply system 40kw Programmable dc power supply 1000v 20a 1kv dc power supply with adjustable voltage current 600V lab power supply project design 24kW Low cost dc power supply system high voltage Good price dc power supply system high voltage High power high efficiency programmable bench power supply High power high voltage dc source system 36kW 

800V DC Source System

10kW 800v dc power supply APM tech Programmable 800v dc high voltage power supply design High power dc power supply 800v 75A 40kw High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supply 800v Industrial DC Power Supply System 24kw 40kw Multi Voltage DC Power Supply 75A Power supply variable voltage and current 800v 40kW Buy variable dc power supply for test equipment High voltage lab power supply 800V 12kW Programmable dc supply high power low current voltage adjustable lab power supply high voltage programmable power supply high power low current dc source 

Three Phase AC Source System

6000W Three Phase AC Source System

Programmable 3 phase ac power supply system apm Programmable 3 Phase AC Power Supply System 6kw 3 phase ac power system 400hz-1200hz Variable frequency ac power source 3 phase 6kVA 

9000W Three Phase AC Source System

3 phase ac dc power source system Variable Frequency Programmable AC DC Power Supply 115v 400hz 3 phase power supply 1.2kHz Three phase ac power supply 9kW advanced tech 

12000W Three Phase AC Source System

Programmable 3 phase ac power supply system adjustable AC DC Power Supply System 12kw 3 phase programmable ac source with variable frequency 3 phase 12kVA AC source unit 300V 150V 

15000W Three Phase AC Source System

Programmable ac dc variable power supply apm 15kw Programmable AC Power Supply Unit 300v 15kw APM medical Grade Power Supply with High Performance Three phase us powe source design 15kW 15kVA 3phase AC source system for lab test High power triphase AC source lab test 3 phase 15kw AC source system 

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