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We are specialized Power Supply manufacturers & suppliers/factory from China. Wholesale Power Supply with high quality as low price/cheap, one of the Power Supply leading brands from China, APM Technologies (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
0-20V Programmable switching AC DC power supply
  • Model No.: 20VDC series(1U Type)

China Manufacturer of Power Supply

Tag: Programmable DC Power Supply , 15v DC Programmable Power Supply , 1200w DC Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM 20VDC series 1U format single output 15v DC Programmable Power Supply features wide-adjust output voltages from 0V-20V and current capabilities up to 60A, offers output power range from 0-600W to 0-1200W. These rack and...
600W~1200W bench programmable dc switching power supply
  • Model No.: 32VDC series(1U Type)

High Quality Power Supply China Supplier

Tag: Switching Power Supply , Bench Power Supply , Dc Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM 32VDC series is 0-1200W programmable dc switching power supply. OVP, OCP, OTP, and OPP protect the power supply and its loads from unexpected conditions. Has large LCD panel display output and parameter simultaneously and a...
High current 30V dc power supply 3000W
  • Model No.: 32VDC series(2U Type)

Professional Manufacturer of Power Supply

Tag: 12v Linear Power Supply , 28v Dc Power Supply , High Current Bench Power Supply

Product Introduction: The 32VDC series 2U units are single output from 1000W to 4000W high current bench power supply with 200A. These units are provided with an active power factor correction circuit.Comparing with other power supplies available in...
APM low voltage power supply
  • Model No.: 40VDC series(1U Type)

Expert Manufacturer of Power Supply

Tag: Low Voltage Power Supply , 40v Dc Power Supply , Adjustable Dc Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM low voltage power supply 40VDC series has an operating efficiency of up to 90% and can achieve the output power by using up to 10 programmable DC sources in a series or parallel mode.It`s Adjustable dc Power Supply since...
1kW-4kW programmable digital lab dc power supply
  • Model No.: 40VDC series(2U Type)

China Supplier of Power Supply

Tag: Programmable CVCC DC Power Supplies , Programmable CVCC DC Source , 200v CVCC DC Power Supply

Product Introduction: The 40VDC series 2U units Programmable CVCC DC source is from 1kW to 4kW, these models output adjustable voltage/current value within 80V/120A with 0.1mV, 1mA resolution and low ripple 40mVp-p/6mVrms.An intuitive user interface...
CVCC 60v lab programmable dc power supply
  • Model No.: 60VDC series(1U Type)

China Factory of Power Supply

Tag: Programmable Dc Power Supply , CVCC Power Supply , Lab Power Supply

Product Introduction: The 60VDC series of Programmable Dc Power Supply are used for the testing of electronic devices.The standard 1U 19" supplies were designed to meet both system integrators and bench top users` needs. High Stability is...
DC programmable lab multi voltage  power supply
  • Model No.: 75VDC series(1U Type)

Power Supply Export

Tag: Multi Voltage Power Source , Lab Power Source , Switching Power Source

Product Introduction: APM programmable dc switching power source has CV/CC mode, this CV/CC priority selection is a very useful feature for DUT protection. The high efficiency lab power source provides various configurations of output voltage and...
Desktop variable DC bench power supply
  • Model No.: 75VDC series(2U Type)

Competitive Power Supply China Supplier

Tag: Adjustable Dc Bench Power Supply , Bench Power Supply , Direct Current Power Supply

Product Introduction: The 75VDC series 2U unit is direct current power supply covering a power range up to 4000W. The Adjustable Dc Bench Power Supply includes 4 models with the combination of 50A,60A rated current and 1000W,2000W,3000W and 4000W...
High voltage programmable dc switch mode power source
  • Model No.: 80VDC series(2U Type)

Leading Manufacturer of Power Supply

Tag: Switch Mode Power Source , High Voltage Power Source , Dc Power Source

Product Introduction: APM 80VDC series is single channel programmable dc Switch Mode Power source.The rates power is 2000W and 3000W with rated current 60A. Equipped with DIN40839 and ISO-16750-2 standard waveforms, provide you with multiple...
110V Programmable Single-Output DC Power Supply
  • Model No.: 120VDC series(2U Type)

Professional Factory of Power Supply

Tag: Single-Output DC Power Supply , 110v Single-Output DC Source , 120v Single-Output DC Source

Product Introduction: 110v Single-Output DC source, it is an industry leading programmable which is widely used in automatic testing sector.The self-developed supervisory software named DC Power Control Panel on programmable DC power from APM...
600W-1.5kW 0-150V adjustable dc power supply
  • Model No.: 150VDC series(1U Type)

Tag: Portable Adjustable Dc Power Supply , 1u Programmable Power Supply , Power Supply Shop

Product Introduction: This 150VDC series 1U rack portable adjustable dc power supply includes 4 models ranging from 600W to 1500W, up to 10A. Due to their power operating envelope a single instrument can provide both high voltage/low current and low...
Variable switching power supply 150V 1kW-4kW
  • Model No.: 150VDC series(2U Type)

Tag: Variable Switching Power Supply , High Precision Power Source , Lab Dc Power Source

Product Introduction: This high precision Power Source is convenient for power extension considering user's sustainable requirement,the power unit could extend volatge, current and power flexibly, master-slave control and current-sharing function...
Single output dc power source supply 200V 1U
  • Model No.: 200VDC series(1U Type)

Tag: 1u Programmable Dc Power Supply , Programmable Power Supply Labview , Lab Bench Supplies

Product Introduction: This 200VDC series 1U used in scientific research units, colleges & universities,and certification institutions for laboratory testing and power supply. To protect user's devices and the power supply itself, protection...
Adjustable dc output power supply 200V 1kW-4kW
  • Model No.: 200VDC series(2U Type)

Tag: Dc Output Power Supply , 200V DC Power Source , Adjustable DC Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM 200VDC series 2U Adjustable DC Power Supply provides wide range of power outputs from 0-1000W to 0-4000W. Clean, accurate output under computer control in test systems that require high power or current will be provided by...
Laboratory 400v 10 amp dc power supply
  • Model No.: 600VDC series(2U Type)

Tag: Low Current Power Supply , High Voltage DC Power Supply , Laboratory Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM offers high voltage 600VDC series reliable high power laboratory power supply for demanding applications. Customers can test confidently with clean, precise DC power that's fully specified and guaranteed.Various programming...
800V High voltage dc power supply 1kW-4kW
  • Model No.: 800VDC series(2U Type)

Tag: 800V Dc Power Supply , DC Power Supply , Lab Dc Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM 800V Dc Power Supply are ideal for high voltage device and material testing. Available in a rack mounting or benchtop at 1000W/2000W/3000W/4000W power levels with single output voltages ranging from 0 to 800V and current...
1kVA single phase programmable ac power supply apm
  • Model No.: SP300VAC1000W

Tag: Ac Power Supply , Ac Power Supply Price , Programmable Ac Power Supply Apm

Product Introduction: Maximize your uptime with APM new product low power ac power supply 1000VA. They are the right solution to meet market requirements by providing the ability to simulate various AC line input conditions and measurements of...
150V/300V ac dc power source 1500VA 13.8A
  • Model No.: SP300VAC1500W

Tag: Ac Dc Power Source , 24VAC Power Supply , Ac Bench Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM low power 1500VA ac bench power supply is ideal for commercial, power electronics, avionics, military and regulation test applications from bench-top R/D design verification, and quality assurance, to mass production.It`s...
2000VA adjustable ac dc power supply APM
  • Model No.: SP300VAC2000W

Tag: Adjustable Ac Dc Power Supply , 24 Volt Ac Power Supply , APM AC Power Sources

Product Introduction: Chose APM AC power sources to meet your basic AC power needs with stable, reliable power.This adjustable ac dc power supply offers intuitive user interfaces that make it easy for engineers to access and view setup and...
3kVA programmable high CF 6 ac power source
  • Model No.: SP300VAC3000W

Tag: Ac Lab Power Supply , Programmable Ac Power Sources APM , Ac Ac Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM AC lab power supply 3KVA helps lower the cost of ownership and raising engineers' confidence in AC source uptime. It`s designed for testing today's complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications and commercial...
APM programmable 4000 Watt ac output power supply
  • Model No.: SP300VAC4000W

Tag: Ac Output Power Supply , 9v Ac Power Supply , Ac Dc Converter Power Supply

Product Introduction: Lower your cost of ownership with global support & long standard warranty with APM ac output power supply. Two versions advanced & professional of this 4kVA ac source just offer you the best choice based on different...
5kva adjustable ac dc power supply high CF
  • Model No.: SP300VAC5000W

Tag: Adjustable Power Source Ac , Variable Ac Power Supply , Ac To Dc Power Supply Design

Product Introduction: APM has variable ac power supply support 3-Phase Operation and Parallel model. When 3-phase AC power source is needed, user can apply three units of ac source conbining with parallel cable to compose 3-phase AC syste. User ca...
Programamble switch mode dc power supply system
  • Model No.: SYS40VDC12000W

Tag: Dc Power Supply System Apm , 9 Volt Dc Power Supply , 12 Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM SYS series programmable dc power supply system that perform superbly in real life conditions provides good power solutions to customers. SCPI protocol is provided for the control through the direct current power of the...
Programmable 6 volt dc 12v 15amp power supply
  • Model No.: SYS40VDC24000W

Tag: 12v 15 Amp Power Supply , Programmable Power Supply , 6 Volt Dc Power Supply

Product Introduction: APM high power programmable power supply system puts clean,reliable power at your disposal and delivers stable, variable output voltage and current for a broad range of development, test and system requirements. It can easily...
Wholesale Power Supply from China, Need to find cheap Power Supply as low price but leading manufacturers. Just find high-quality brands on Power Supply produce factory, You can also feedback about what you want, start saving and explore our Power Supply, We'll reply you in fastest.
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